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"Phages are the most abundant life forms on the planet—if you consider viruses to be alive," Paul Ebner says. "You can eat thousands of phages just by licking your lips." (via These ‘spaceship’ viruses can kill E. coli in food | Futurity)


"Phages are the most abundant life forms on the planet—if you consider viruses to be alive," Paul Ebner says. "You can eat thousands of phages just by licking your lips." (via These ‘spaceship’ viruses can kill E. coli in food | Futurity)

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Do you remember the day you became a vegan? What is your story?

Marie G Cassandra: I was watching a documentary on tv from a tv show called la semaine verte. It was about how pigs were so brutally hurt. That was the first time. I lasted 3 months, then later that year I watched From Farm to Fridge, I cried so much seeing all the atrocity. I went vegan august 16th and still am. My family is verry accepting!

Melanie Johnston: I was on Pink’s website, and there was a petition against KFC cruelty. I clicked on that link, and then I saw Meet your Meat from PETA, I cried for 2 days! Never again! Ever!

Kristin Monahan: I actually wanted to go vegan when I went vegetarian when I was 13 back in 2005 (like I wanted to skip over vegetarianism and go straight to the good stuff) but my mother told me I couldn’t because I had to do all this research first and find out how to properly eat, so I had to humor her, but then 8 months ago I kept thinking about how weird and creepy it is that we eat dairy and eggs, and I couldn’t take it any more, so I asked my mom if she would buy the stuff for me if I went vegan, and having changed since those days, she said yes.

Sarah Jean Prokop: I watched Vegucated and my bf and I went vegan that day! I struggled a bit with dairy though (slipped up and gave into urges) then I saw Earthlings while sitting on a leather couch and at the end of it I was on the floor clutching a pillow and sobbing. Have been vegan ever since.

Angela Larkin Crosher: Watched Forks over Knives, that was part one (the vegan for health part.) Then I saw Vegucated and a dairy cow video. Realized I could never go back after that. So if my health side ever falters, my ethics side kicks in and vice versa. Husband joined me (he’s trying to be vegan, I know he slips sometimes at work) and son is 100% vegan toddler. Even my skeptical mom is now vegan.

Rachèll-Marie Couch: My 22 year old cousin was going through a battle with cancer and my partners cousin was 35 and going through his 2nd triple bypass surgery. I told myself I wasn’t going to follow either one of their paths and decided to start living a healthy and compassionate lifestyle. 2 years later and 120 lbs shed off me I will never go back to that lifestyle EVER again! So thankful I have a partner who’s just as caring, compassionate and supportive of this change as I am it wouldn’t have been easy without him being vegan as well.

Debra June Powell: After seeing my brother in laws health improve. it has been a total transformation for me. I called myself an animal lover, but i never lived like one. I see now how brainwashed i was into thinking it was not only fine but necessary to eat meat. i weep for my younger self.

Marianne Meyer Nielssen: Long story, a bit back and forth, fell into the low carb craze, couldn’t close my eyes to the horrors of factory farming anymore. (Norway is not the US, but we’re getting there! ) Well, Jonathan Safran Foer also had a long a winding road towards becoming vegan:)

Ksenia Shor: I’ve been vegetarian since I was 16 (“after watching Meet Your Meat”), then one morning when I was 20, while cooking breakfast, I broke an egg to make an omelette, and was like “ew that is so gross, how could I ever eat this before”.

Allysa Rostin: I was always interested in becoming vegetarian, but was one of those ‘but meat tastes so good! What would I even eat?!’ People, then I was taking a taxi and the driver was talking about how he was vegetarian, so the next day I found Vegucated on netflix, cried, and immediately became vegetarian, and took a little less then a month to fully transition to veganism.

Sarah O’Toole: My teen son told me he wanted to be a vegetarian and asked me to help him look for recipes and cruelty free toiletries. Whilst looking at the leaping bunny site I noticed some products were labelled vegan and something clicked in my mind: “vegans must have real reasons for what they do - so maybe I should find out what’s so wrong with dairy etc”. As soon as I found out that answer I instantly lost all desire for any animal products whatsoever. Stopped right there and then. Best thing I’ve ever done apart from getting married and having my children (all 3 kids are now vegan too).

Manon Desjardins: I was sitting on the sofa with my dog and I just asked me “why do I love a dog?” and eat an animal at dinner!

Jade Doe: I have been vegetarian for over 7 years now and started to red more about eggs and figured that I was a hypocrite with saying I care about animal rights and loving animals. So I step by step became vegan and it has helped me so much with my ED. Everyone thinks it is a type of restriction but to me it opened a door into a life in which I feel so much less guilty about eating.. and eating reeeeeaaaally good food.

Alexander Peppe: When I was 14, I read on Wikipedia what meat was, and thought it was the saddest, cruelest thing. I never touched it again.

Emma Maeuser: I’m an avid Tumblr user, and one girl that I followed was (probably still is, but I’m not sure because she got rid of her blog) a vegan. She would reblog tons of posts about veganism and the meat, dairy, and egg industries, and it always made me feel slightly guilty because ever since I was young, I have admired vegetarians and wished that I could do it myself but just never tried. I sent her a message and she sent me links to Gary Yourofsky’s speech and Earthlings and after watching those I went vegetarian for one week, then basically said “screw it” and went full-out vegan.

Sierra Hannan: I became vegetarian when I was 8 after watching the episode of Braceface where Sharon (voiced by Alicia Silverstone) went veggie. When I was 13 I started visiting peta’s website and learned about the horror that happens inside of egg and dairy farms, so I went vegan. I’m not a huge peta fan now, but I owe them a lot.

Alex McKee: I was on mushrooms in Chicago …….

Stacie Leppky: 10 years ago I was working night shift at a women’s shelter and had lots of time to kill during the day when everyone else was working. So I was on the computer a lot…I just happened to come across a PETA site about factory farming. I watched heartbreaking videos and read endless articles for 4 straight days. I realized I had been living a lie my whole life and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. At the end of the 4th day, after crying so hard for 4 days that I actually vomited, I threw out all my animal products from the kitchen and my closet and became vegan literally overnight.

Jagannātha Priya: was the second day in my new farm (where right now I have a animal sanctuary).. I’m vegetarian many years ago, many…, my farm is exactly next to the farm of one of the biggers dairy industry in my country, then i saw all.. all. the cows were literally crying, then a guy hit one and.. he hit her so hard that her eye jump.. she lost her eye in front of me!!!! In that moment I fainted.. then I was in my farm, crying, and I said to my friend: NEVER AGAIN! this its not any peta video.. peta videos are nice compared with what I see.

Mauro Júnior: very weird, but very funny at the same time, i was in a trance party, with a vegan friend…i took lsd in that party, he talked to me about how bad it was to eat meat, the truth behind it…
i tripped so much about what they do to the animals, was feeling so bad, but a bad feeling for a good reason, that feeling never gone away…
after that party i never ate meat again, 1 week later i became vegan, now i need this world Vegan!!

Joselito Vinluan: I was curious about the circle of life, that u are born, grow up to enjoy a kids life, u become a man get a degree get a job have a family of ur own or grow old with a partner , then u start having hypertension, high cholesterol, overweight,all medical problems of all sort then I ask that question:”why is it so ? I always thought that its just part of growing old and some arejust unlucky that they get cancer, it has bothered me all those years, when I watched videos, read books of dr neal barnard, dr michael klaper, dr alan goldhamer, collin t campbell, dr esselstyn and other significant stuffs about veganism it all made sense , proud vegan since May2013.

David Escobar: My wife showed me a Facebook post about veal. Fuckin’ done. It’s been a little over a year now.

Suzie Reamy Joiner: Mine was actually spiritual. I was a vegetarian, and I wanted to give up something meaningful for Lent. I had been thinking of trying to go vegan and drew parallels in my spiritual life with my understandings of suffering and sacrifice. I thought I would be the one sacrificing something for Lent. That lasted about 5 days. I began to see the true suffering and sacrifice animals make unwillingly from films and websites. It has been an eye opening journey. I no longer feel as if I am sacrificing anything, simply following a more pure and spirit filled life. I will remain vegan because it is the right thing to do. AND, it’s pretty easy, I think. I have to read a few more labels, but there are so many options out there that are cruelty free.

Julie Wagner: I met a vegan family and saw that it was possible and not only that it was easy to take the step from being veggie to being vegan but we could even easily do it as a family. We became vegan that day.

Kun Kang: I was watching Korean news through internet. They were talking about some disease wide spread among domestic animals in this small town. They had to either euthanize 4 millions of animals or bury them. It was lightly snowing, very cold day, the hundreds of pigs were herded out of the shed. All of them gathered, this guy with tractor was pushing them into the giant hole to bury them alive. They were oinking and tried to get out of the hole realizing they were being killed ALIVE. And then this farmer was interviewed who had to euthanize cows. He cried the whole time and said “don’t come back as animals, be in good place, forgive us”. He cried out loud as he had to kill all of his cows. I screamed in terror and shock. I buried my face in my both palm, wept hours and hours. I said to myself, “I am so truly sorry, I did not know, I was blind, I was dumb, please forgive me. I will never ever be part of this” I had NO ONE told me this cruelty. I wish someone did sooner. Why the fuck other people can’t get it when I tell them. Why can’t they say “I want to know what really happened”, but most of them turn their heads away and say “I don’t want to know because I love my steak, cheese and ice cream”. The world is doomed.

Rhiannon Avaneen: I have been vegetarian my entire life, except for a rare indulgence in cod or shrimp, because I have always known that I loved animals and didn’t want to eat them….especially cows and pigs….when I watched Babe it actually meant something to me. However, I was oblivious about dairy and eggs for a long time. I wanted to believe the wholesome tale of happy cows and chickens on organic farms at least. Then, about May 23 of last year, I watched Forks Over Knives, which turned me instantly plant-based for health reasons. Overnight, I cut out, not only all dairy, eggs, but also almost all processed foods…especially those with corn syrups, bleached/white flour, additives, hydrogenated oils, GMO’s. In my researching the following days, I came across several videos on youtube that brought me to tears. I had not made the connections….veal, ripping mother from child, slaughtered dairy cows, etc. Then, I got the guts to watch Earthlings….that was it…I was done….with dairy, eggs, meat of course, fish, wool, leather, down, circuses, zoos…some of which I regrettably did not give much thought to before. There is no going back. Now I will spend the rest of my life trying to convince other people of what they desperately wish to deny.

Minna Takala: I was on my way to work, it was about 6,45 am and my day starts 7 am.. So i was moving fast i was walking thru train station and there was this one little sticker among many, which did show a factory pig and writing on it “in what right ?” I don’t know why i did notice it but i did. And in that second i became a vegan. I have been vegan now little over a year, and every day i realize how happy i am about it then my sister became a vegan (well she had been vegetarian whole her life) and our mother too. And yesterday i was on my cousins 30 yrs birthday partys, and they had made search on internet to check about what vegan can eat, so i have also something to eat at those partys. And they always listen when i talk about being a ethical reason vegan about animal rights etc. And vegan seeds have been planned in their mind.

Ciara Commerford: I was about 10 and on vacation in Mexico and we were at a “restaurant” which was outside pretty much.. and sand below us. There were chickens running around everywhere.. and then just a few. I had ordered a pollo quesadilla. My sister then pointed down at the lil chicken feet prints in the sand and said remember those chickens you thought were cute? You are eating them now. I forever quit eating meat.. then it took quite a few years before I started realizing dairy, eggs, honey etc is also torturing animals.

Victoria Mae: I use to think it was a diet choice because people just didn’t want to eat meat for whatever their reasons were. I actually had never met any vegans until maybe 2011/12ish (at least none told me they were prior to this, being the lonerish kind for most my early life, any kind of friend was hard to come by) I knew maybe one vegetarian a bit earlier, but she never really gave reasons. I’m fine to admit I was ignorant with a lot of it. Though after meeting a couple, and having a discussion that opened up my mind a lot more, I did some research and found out the horrid truths and did not want to be a part of any of that cruelty, so I stopped eating meat. Not even few months later I stumbled upon things of the dairy industry and it shocked me, so I gave up dairy/eggs, It was a little overwhelming at first, so much to remember! A lot of others helped me with this, and I was fine. It took me a couple months after this for me to call myself vegan as I still indulged in honey prior. This all happened in 2012.

Kathleen Sullivan: Occupy made me realize justice, equality and freedom don’t exist unless they include everyone.

Angie Seddon-Ellis: We had the Horsemeat scandal here. I saw a documentary on ” humane slaughter in England” there was nothing humane about it. I went vegetarian then and there and vegan 2 weeks later.

Isabelle Gélinas: Last year, in March, I read Eating Animals. The night I finished, right before going to sleep, I turned to my drowsing husband and told him: “That’s it. I’m going vegan.” He said: “Yeah, yeah. I give you three months.”
The whole family has been vegan for over a year now.

Doc Franklinstein: WE HAD NO GOOGLE THEN. August 16, 1973. I was at a camp with 10 V-People. by the end of camp there were 11. I don’t know if they stayed with it. but it was important enough to me. A question one asked me “When you eat a sloppy joe, do you wonder which end of the cow they stick in the grinder first?” And “At least I don’t have to think about what my food may have died from.” yep that did it for me.

Janet Marie Chotia: A discussion with a friend made me realize I had no excuse to continue eating meat or any other animal product. I am forever grateful that he made me see the light.

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Professor Quote of the Day


"In some parts of Asia they use rhino horn as a kind of natural Viagra. Have you ever heard of anything so obscene and ridiculous? Killing an animal just so they can get a stiffy."

-My geography professor

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My Advice for Living an Awesome Life by Captain Paul Watson

I received a message from someone asking me for some advice on how to live and have a happy adventurous life. I’m not sure that my advice is for everyone but here it is.

I have been fortunate, to have lived a happy and adventurous life. At first it was not easy. We were very poor. My father was abusive. My mother died young leaving six young children to find their way on their own. And they all did, in their separate ways.

For myself I left home at 15 and went to sea at 17 leaving my obstacles behind and focusing on enjoying this wondrous phenomenon called life. I have lived a happy life without anger, fear, stress or regret doing the things that I dreamt of doing when I was younger, learning many new things and confronting challenging obstacles, all of which made my life more interesting.

1. Unleash your passion.
2. Fear Nothing.
3. Explore everything.
4. Give free reign to your imagination.
5. If you have something to say – say it.
6. Never Stress. Never worry. It frees your mind to find solutions.
7. Follow your dreams. Don’t let others destroy your dreams.
8. Regret nothing.
9. Accept the situations you find yourself in and deal with it.
10. Write Poetry. (Or at least try) Perfect for maintaining your center.
11. Read everything about everything.
12. Don’t let anyone dictate your destiny.
13. Suicide - permanent solution to a temporary problem. There’s no future in it.
14. Live each day like it’s your last.
15. Take control of your dreams. Live in them and live outside of them.
16. Make love a priority in your life.
17. Travel as a traveller, not as a tourist.
18. Embrace confrontation, challenges and obstacles as adventures.
19. Be Kind to Animals and plants
20. Find security in insecure situations through acceptance.
21. Obey the Laws of Ecology.
22. Understand the importance of boundaries – natural and social.
23. Don’t get nervous about public speaking – audiences are just people.
24. Don’t give a damn what people think of you, except those you love.
25. Release the artist from inside you and express yourself.
26. Love the sea as a surfer, diver, swimmer, boater or just walk beside it.
27. Better to listen to your children than to teach them.
28. Never hesitate to tell someone you love them if you do.
29. Study history so you know where you came from.
30. Read Science Fiction so you may know what to expect.
31. With every problem, ask yourself, will this matter ten years from now?
32. Never get angry – it does not solve anything.
33. Dealing with Facebook trolls: ignore, ban and delete. Never respond.
34. Be at home wherever you are.
35. Remember you are an Earthling first. We all have that in common.
36. Look up whenever you can and wonder at the stars.
37. Believe what you will but don’t force your beliefs on others.
38. Remember these virtues: Passion, Patience, Imagination and Courage.
39. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.
40. Listen to the music you like and not what you think people expect you to like.
41. Dress any way you wish and not how others expect you to dress.
42. Never judge how others dress, speak, look or behave.
43. When you see a person who needs help, ask yourself, “what if that were me?”
44. Believe in yourself. You are as strong as you believe you are.
45. Never be afraid to ask and never be discouraged by the word “no.”
46. A passionate volunteer is more valuable than a paid professional.
47. Grow your own dinner some time – it makes you appreciate your food.
48. Perfect freedom is the defeat of addictive habits and low self-esteem.
49. Each day stop and meditate on the miracle that is your life.
50. The perfect job is something you would do every day of the week for the rest of your life without pay and without retiring.

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Vegan Problems #2

When the child of the non-vegan friends that are staying in your house for a week cries because she wants to eat meat.

P.S. She tried the seitan dish with great results: no more tears.

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Vegan Problems #1

When non-vegan friends visit you for a week and you thought we were all clear about no animal products in the house. 2 days later your fridge is full with eggs, cream cheese, milk, and yogurt.

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Honey Badger Houdini

This clever honey badger’s numerous escape attempts prove just how intelligent these animals really are.”

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Frog-in-bucket-of-milk folklore leads to potential new antibiotics

Reminds me of that Ladytron song: Destroy everything you touch…

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Anarcho-naturists in 1930s France who believed the best fashion was what we are born in. (Anarcho-naturism promotes an ecological worldview, small ecovillages, and most prominantly, nudism as a way to avoid the artificiality of the industrial mass society of modernity.)


Anarcho-naturists in 1930s France who believed the best fashion was what we are born in. (Anarcho-naturism promotes an ecological worldview, small ecovillages, and most prominantly, nudism as a way to avoid the artificiality of the industrial mass society of modernity.)

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Chain-Smoking Chimp