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Common Anti-Vegan Arguments


  • Being a vegan is unhealthy.
  • Where do you get your protein?
  • Where do you get your calcium?
  • Factory farming doesn’t hurt animals. Laws ensure they are humane.
  • I know farmer Brown and he never mistreats his animals.
  • I only eat ‘free-range’ chickens and eggs.
  • Ok, meat is bad, so I’ll just eat eggs and milk and be a happy vegetarian instead of a vegan!
  • What would happen to all those animals if people were to stop eating them? (This is the worst).
  • If we didn’t grow crops for animals, we would have to grow them for people, so there would be more intensive agriculture, not less.
  • Factory farming really doesn’t impact the environment.
  • You’ll just kill more wild animals when you harvest plants for humans to eat.
  • Animal sources (meat) are the only way for people to eat in the extreme arctic and desert climates, where no plants grow.
  • You kill plants to survive, how is that any different?
  • You care more about animal suffering than that of humans!
  • Why should I care about eating animals? That’s what they’re there for. Why should they have rights?
  • I hunt for all my meat and use every tooth, tendon, and fiber so nothing is wasted.
  • It’s impossible to completely avoid every molecule of animals product, so why bother trying?
  • I only catch-and-release when I fish. Besides, fish don’t feel pain.
  • Nature is brutal. After all, lions kill their food and even house cats will torture a mouse before eating it.
  • We evolved to eat meat.
  • Our teeth (or other feature) prove we are carnivores.


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A Facebook Conversation by Eddie Mah

Remember the gentleman who wrote me this note:

"hi eddie i respect your choice to be vegetarian but why do you have to show it off on facebook?"

—-Here is the rest of our conversation:

Conversation started April 4
John 4/4, 4:08pm
“hi eddie i respect your choice to be vegetarian but why do you have to show it off on facebook?”

Eddie Mah 4/4, 4:19pm
Hello dear John. How are you today brother?

John 4/4, 4:27pm
I am good today how about you eddie? you seem very happy all the time

Eddie Mah 4/4, 4:28pm
I am glad that you are good.
And thank you for the question.
But most Earthlings are not doing good today.

John 4/4, 4:29pm
i think you should put your energy into helping african kids instead maybe you have good energy. animals cant feel pain

Eddie Mah 4/4, 4:30pm
Are you interested in ending starvation dear John?

John 4/4, 4:30pm
Yes of course i donate money to charities for that

Eddie Mah 4/4, 4:31pm
You are so kind dear friend. Thank you!
There is another way which I help too John.

John 4/4, 4:32pm
yes but you save the animals not the people

Eddie Mah 4/4, 4:32pm
Each lb. of meat uses 1800 gallons of water.

John 4/4, 4:32pm
is that true?

Eddie Mah 4/4, 4:32pm
Yes, indeed.

John 4/4, 4:32pm
oh wow but vegetables probably use more since they grow in the ground

Eddie Mah 4/4, 4:32pm
It takes 13 lbs of grain to create 1 lb. of meat.
It is very efficient to feed off the ground sir.
We can end starvation only if a few more percentages of people went vegan.

John 4/4, 4:33pm
but what does those facts have to do with starvation
i dont get how those issues are connected

Eddie Mah 4/4, 4:34pm
We are feeding grains that is suppose to go to people to cows, pigs and chickens

John 4/4, 4:34pm
omg. that is awful

Eddie Mah 4/4, 4:34pm
We can feed them directly to children and help them stop the starvation

John: ya i guess thats a lot of animals to feed

Eddie Mah 4/4, 4:34pm
100 Billion animals a year!

see i have thought of going vegetarian but i need the protein

Eddie Mah
There is a myth about protein dear John.
In reality we need Amino Acids which form into proteins in our bodies. All fruits and veggies contain complete amounts and variations of Amino Acids.

so i could be vegeterian and not die?

Eddie Mah
Animal protein causes many diseases like cancer, heart disease, liver and kidney disease.

i had a heart attack a few months back
my blood pressure is very high

Veganism will heal you my good friend
You are putting the wrong fuel in your body.

i can understand vegeterian but vegan is xtreme
you dont need to kill a cow to get milk
if you dont get the milk from the cow then it will die!@

Which one is more extreme? Open heart surgery or eating a banana?

well milk and eggs is good for you
i know meat isnt even though it has protein

Kidney dialysis or eating a fruit smoothie?

but we need strong bones
i am going to try and eat no meat because i need to but i need cheese or i would die lol

Eggs, milk and meat is the reason of your heart attack and your high blood pressure.

even milk? wow

Strong bones come from the sun and eating greens

John : oh

Eddie Mah
Cows get their calcium from eating plants.

but i think buying all those vegetables would be too expansive

Banana is 20 cents a piece.
veggies are mostly less than $1.50 a lb.
Meat is more that $4 a lb.
Your life is at risk.

John: how do i go vegan? just eat lots of plants?
can i eat fish?

You can eat anything that is made for you.
Which includes all fruits and veggies
Rice, legumes, nuts
Nothing derived from animals.
They will kill you John.

Fast forward to April 7 
John 4/7, 9:49am
hi eddie i havent eaten any animal products all weekend still going strong
ive lost 2 pounds so far

Eddie Mah 4/7, 9:51am

Fastforward to April 20, Today:
John 4:20pm
Hi eddie i have been mostly vegan since we talked
I found a support group in my city
I have lost 6 pounds and feel a lot healthier!

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How People React To The Word “VEGAN”

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Minimise your waste. Save the trees. Help the planet.
Source 1, 2, & 3


Minimise your waste. Save the trees. Help the planet.

Source 1, 2, & 3

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Posted by Galadriel


Posted by Galadriel

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Anonymous: This girl was crying in school the other day bc her bird flew away and inside I was like hyfr go free my dude i hate when ppl have pet birds it makes me so mad


Birds often can’t survive on their own though. If she doesn’t get him back, he is very likely to die a slow death from starvation, and if he is brightly coloured he is easy to be picked off by predators :’(

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Cruelty of the egg industry - a three and a half minute video worth showing to friends who are on the fence about going vegan.

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"Today is International Day in Honour of Britches."
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